Basin flyover: Live council decision blog

Here’s the link to the Live Blog for this morning’s WCC Coucillor’s meeting to decide upon the official WCC position with respect to the NZTA proposed Basin flyovers – courtesy of Dave Burgess of the DomPost. It should be a fairly heated session given the division within the Council on the issue, as reported here.

PS: It might take a while for the ‘venerable’ Dom to pick up on an issue that the smaller local papers have been reporting for months, but at least when they actually recognise its significance, they run all the way with it…


The ‘live blog’ event, ends with the following summation:

A deeply divided Wellington City Council has agreed that it wants a tunnel beneath the Basin Reserve instead of a flyover.

The council’s Strategy and Policy Committee voted 8-7  to include as their preferred option in a submission to the NZ Transport Agency be a tunnel from Buckle St to near the Mt Victoria Tunnel, beneath the Basin Reserve.

There’s no specific mention of OptionX, and the Council’s insistence on tunnelling effectively underneath the Basin will mean a considerably greater price tag then OptionX, but good on them for standing on their principles anyway.

I guess we have to wait until early next year for any further action…?


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