Pecha Kucha coming atcha…

Once again it is Pecha Kucha time, with an excellent line up of talented / interesting people speaking. If you have a chance, do go along – it sells out quick, but gives your mind a good flossing. Here we go, with the new lineup courtesy of Pitsch:

Pecha Kucha Night – a presentation format for creative work originally devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein-Dytham Architecture (KDa) in Tokyo, Japan – is a unique, rapid-fire format in which each speaker shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds. With each presentation lasting just 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the audience experiences an exhilarating variety of ideas and projects. Pecha Kucha Nights are now happening in 365 cities worldwide making it the largest creative network on this planet!

Pecha Kucha Night Wellington Vol. 9 is happening on 22 November, Overseas Terminal, Azzura Room, Upstairs, Chaffers Marina, Wellington

doors open: 6.30pm // start: 7.30pm // end: 10.30pm //

tickets: $9 // door sales // cash only // come early, limited seats //

We are delighted to host a fantastic line up of some of Wellington’s creative exponents:

Leimomi Oakes // textile and fashion historian / seamstress / // the queen’s underwear: how an un/dress caused a revolution (in more ways than one)

Jack Yan // persuader // fashioning a brand // //

Chris Bennewith // designer // // creative eco-systems

Robyn Gallagher // writer // // anti-travel.

Tony DeGoldi // set designer //

Fred L’Ami // designer // // about a cycle race

Anton Carter // musician // marked for life: the art of tatau from oceania //

Mike Dickison // // what, if anything, is big bird? //

Mike Brown // co-founder, // running the best conference ever in the history of the world in Wellington //

Dan Slevin // writer/broadcaster / // why film must die! //

Lisa Maule, Mohamed Osman // producer/performer // southern corridor project // inter art : inter cultural // eko-theatre //

Mark Westerby // producer // lego for adults – my fascination with containers //

David Tay Ninh Wright //musician /designer/ //

Sarah Hunter // Artist, Director // // daydream

Rachel Taulelei // food enthusiast // //taking those who catch closer to those who cook //


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