Video of the Week XL: Top 10 things you’ll never hear an architect say

From the “How to architect” series.

The guy seems a little weird (well, quite a lot actually), but I thought this might be a nice bit of Friday afternoon edification…

…not to be taken too seriously of course…


8 responses to “Video of the Week XL: Top 10 things you’ll never hear an architect say”

  1. Ps – I’m sure we could come up with a better list…?

  2. I’m sure I’ve said all those at some stage in my short life – except for No 1….

  3. Classic! I’ve heard all those things said about architects and even though I had a pretty good career and was making pretty good money I STILL want to be an architect.

    Let’s face it people, once you know it you just have to do it.


  4. frith Avatar

    is he an architect himself? i think he just lost all his jobs.
    actually, he probably didn’t have any.

  5. “Is he an architect?” Well, let’s look at that:
    Black Poloneck top? Check.
    Baldyman shaven head? Check.
    Squareish glasses? Check.
    Hand drawn pictures on blank white wall behind? Check.
    Knowledge of appalling things architects do to themselves? Check, check, check…

    remainder: edited…

  6. It seems to me that he could well be a ‘wronged client’ posing as an architect in some attempt at a vengeful-yet-bitter-sweet act of ironic subterfuge.. his ‘sense of humour’ is too laconic to be that of an architect’s.

  7. Nothing wrong with laconic, Dale….

  8. I stand corrected… I guess there are a lot of laconically oriented architects out there

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