a little more flippancy

Yes they’ve done it again …

The Women’s Weekly have another Word Search with an Architectural Theme.

The words to find are: Balcony, Column, Corridor, Cupola, Design, Excavation, Facade, Flooring, Foundations, Fresco, Geodesic dome, Glazed, Mantelpiece, Mezzanine floor, Panel, Partition, Passage, Pillars, Roof, Shutter, Spiral staircase, Stud, Tiles, Transom, Truss, Vestibule.  Bonus points for: Butanol, E2 and Code compliant.


2 responses to “a little more flippancy”

  1. E2 ? You’re kidding me, right?

  2. Extra Bonus points if you can find the BIA (it seems to have vanished off the face of the globe), or failing that, the DBH

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