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Video of the Week XXXVI: Talking Heads the finale!

By October 27, 2009No Comments

So this week not only do we have YouTube talking heads – but the real thing will be at a lecture theatre near you soon.This promises to be a rich week of lectures at VUW: Tim Hill, Peggy Deamer, Heike Rahmann and Mark Burry. Meanwhile a substantial meal of video-ing (yes mainly ex-TED) below.

Starting off we have Thom Mayne “Architecture is a new way to connect to the world” …

and then “Explore Alice Tully Hall with Liz Diller” (FLYPMedia) …

… and to end an interesting – but at sometimes earnest – little talk by Greg Lynn: proportions, symmetry and architecture in another TED lecture: “How calculus is changing architecture” …

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