Architectural Photography exhibition – Simon Devitt

SIMON  DEVITT  – ‘I see you there’
February 5 – 26 2010

I see
I see you
I see you there

We trust our eyes too much. The picture is not always what they insist it must be.
The other senses are profoundly important in how we view the scene. In truth, the camera is the mechanism that takes care of the visual element. It’s nature is to attempt to capture the real.
That is not the challenge for me. My pursuit is to capture the whisperings of the architecture, to represent how it feels to be there.

I always spend time being still in the environment I am charged with photographing. I listen as much as I watch. I wait to hear its breath. This is how I find what is really in the space.

Perhaps my approach is a dichotomy to what we expect a photograph to provide. I want to strip the image of the artificial. I want to expose its heartbeat, seduce it. I want to hear it. I want it naked.

Paul McNamara
190 Wicksteed Street
Whanganui 4500
New Zealand
AIPAD member
06 348 7320
027 249 8059


5 responses to “Architectural Photography exhibition – Simon Devitt”

  1. Gross!

  2. Bill, really? Surely you are not so prudish. What is so gross about that?

  3. Umm well he wants to seduce buildings? I wouldn’t let him near one of mine.

  4. A wise precaution I’m sure. But if he promised not to drool too much, surely that would be ok? I think we all want to strip buildings naked, to gaze upon their true structural core, rather than just be taken in with nice cladding and a well proportioned pair of lintels. No?

  5. You speak of stripping buildings naked also…I see it is a popular obsession. You also speak of truth beyond trick and pretence which is true beauty and truly the subject. If this photographer needs to sexualise his creative process to get to the heart of things then who am I judge? Each to their own.. whatever rings his bell/ cocks his shutter release!

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