Maggie grows up

While some people claim that the Simpsons taught them everything they ever needed to know about anything, and phrases of Bart and Homer have entered happily into the English language (D’Oh!)!, there is one member of that loveably dysfunctional family that has never spoken. Until last week.

Maggie, the wide-eyed, dummy-sucking rug-rat that Marge loves so much, has spent a lifetime (or around 500 episodes) just crawling the floor and sucking on that rubbery old teat. But in this episode, somehow Maggie is shown in her future life. While we all know that Lisa is the smart one of the family, bound for an internship in Obama’s Oval Office perhaps, or inventing a new means of incarcerating rogue carbon dioxide molecules and thereby saving the planet; it was gratifying to see that Maggie choses that most noble of professions: Architecture. Yes, mewling squeaky child plays with lego, proves herself to be a genius, and grows up to be an Architect – and not only that, was voiced by the uber-actress Jodie Foster. But of course: that’s exactly how it should be.


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  1. “that most noble of professions” ?? You must be kidding. Buildings are the worst polluters of all. ergo, Architects are complicit in their carbon-causing crimes.

    Maggie would be better off to drive a Hummer everyday than build more skysccrapers…!

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