As part of Home NZ’s winter series of lectures by NZ architects, the Arch Centre are pleased to be involved in bringing you local architect Roger Walker. At the Cafe L’Affare, 6pm, Thursday 8 October.


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  1. Roger Walker Arcitect = Leaky Home cockups

  2. alexscott Avatar

    copy of email sent to wcc.

    Hi there
    I like Wellington its one of my favourite places. But I think “wellywood” is tacky and un-inspiring and non original its so not oringial it shouldnt be put up, it would be like having Hotel California as our welcoming theme.

    I do agree however, that the hill in question does need something.

    I think that the best thing that could be done with the hill is to commission Ian Athfield and or Roger Walker and some other notable people (perhaps some enviromentalists) to design and construct a signficant work (art piece or collection of artpieces or art environment) for the hill side which would be viewable and notable from the air.


    alex scott
    new plymouth

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