Video of the Week XI: Libidinal Gehry confronts asexual Eisner

I’d like to say the title says it all, but the mental image is just too disturbing – and there isn’t really a whole lot of confronting going on. What we are exposed to here (if I can use that expression to open a discussion of sexuality), is an excellent piece of post-design rationalization from Gehry, and a rambling Eisner whose point, if we extrapolate somewhat, would seem to suggest that Gehry’s buildings could never be as universally adored in the same way as Mickey Mouse – well… duh!

And I’m not sure exactly what the person who posted this clip on youtube was really trying to say by describing the video in the following manner:

Michael Eisner and Frank Gehry talking about the way their sexuality expresses itself in their work. In a word, Michael Eisner is to Mickey Mouse as Frank Gehry is to Marilyn Monroe.

I’m assuming it has nothing to do with Frank singing happy birthday to Obama…

Anyway, having watched this, the burning question I had was – have we really reached the point in our culture when this conversation passes as a) a serious discussion on the state of contemporary art and culture, or b) entertainment? You decide….



2 responses to “Video of the Week XI: Libidinal Gehry confronts asexual Eisner”

  1. Frank P Avatar
    Frank P

    Its definitely not a very serious discussion about architecture – and the title is mis-leading, as Eisner doesn’t really admit to being asexual, he just kind of raises his eyebrows. But it certainly does show that Gehry is a fruitcake if he takes on some random bloggers comments about his Bilbao museum being a lookalike for Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up.

    Come On ! Its a crumpled piece of paper! I know, I’ve seen the Simpsons video where he does it (“Frank Gehry, you’re a Genius!!”)

  2. jayseatee Avatar

    Heh? “Some random blogger”? You’re talking about this guy-
    You may disagree with his assessment, be he’s certainly not some random blogger.

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