Public Lecture @ Massey :: Jane Rendell :: Monday 30th

VENUE: Theatrette 10A02: Old Dominion Museum Building, Wellington

DATE & TIME: Monday 30th March at 5:30pm

Site-Writing: Subjectivity and Positionality in Criticism.

A rare opportunity to hear a guest lecture by Professor Jane Rendell (Bartlett, London)

She will speak on current research and design work in relation to interdisciplinary meeting points – feminist theory and architectural history, conceptual art practice and architectural design, art criticism and autobiographical writing.

Rendell’s paper will discuss two of her site-writing works, ‘Les Mots et Les Choses’ and ‘An Embellishment: Purdah’, in the context of relational aesthetics and dialogic practice citing the work of psychoanalytic practitioners/theorists Jessica Benjamin and Jean Laplanche.


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  1. Did anyone see Rendell’s talk on Thursday? I saw her talk a number of yeasr ago in Melbourne and found her work particuarly thin and unconvincing. Hopefully things have changed. I’d be interested in knowing if Thursday night’s talk was a good one.

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