Video of the Week X: The first World Dynamic Architecture in DuBai project

Rubik’s Cube anyone? It is a bit hard to really say much about this, except point out that it is serious – I’ll never scoff at another student project again… The overblown rhetoric implied in the opening musical score ‘borrowed’ from 2001: A Space Odyssey is truly fantastic – like the mysterious black monolith that appears in the film the Dynamic Tower (the world’s first btw) rises before us in full dawning glory. However, while the film monolith inspired prehistoric man to discover the use of weapon for organized acts of brutal violence, no such promise is implied by the dynamic tower, just endless rotations, with no hint of ‘why’ (I just hope that the animated rotations are not indicating real time rotating speeds…).

My favourite part is where the shift from conventional wind turbine to horizontal-interfloor-blades is graphically represented in what looks to be a rather macabre acident. Don’t show the Makara residents (Makarians? Makarites? Makaroni?) – the safety implications raised by this particular animation could just add more fuel to their non-wind-generated-energy fire…



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  1. fantastic M-D you have surpassed yourself with this one. Let’s knock over the Brooklyn windmill and build one of these!
    re: Makara – I quite like Makara-roni myself – somehow a slight stutter is little more classy than just Makaroni

  2. jayseatee Avatar

    ugh….that video is so painful. and full of blatant lies. I tried to keep up with the exceptions, but gave up in exhaustion.

    It’s true though. They are the first building to have moving parts. Your memories of all of those hotels with rotating restaurants that were the rage in the 60’s – LIES.

    And it is true, this will be the first building to be built in from components delivered and installed on site.

    and I do love “The earth will provide us with green energy so that we can power the city (and randomly spin around for no reason)”

  3. jayseatee Avatar

    actually, to be completely historically correct
    This is the first hotel to be constructed using modular construction components
    but that was only 40 years ago. With such a close time difference what use is it to bicker over who’s first?

  4. Yep – full of blatant distortions of the truth that make the Rongotai Revived team look all sweet and innocent. We even have of our own example of a rotating building – the much-loved

  5. I think, if this is the same one i remember, that the project is designed by someone who is either
    A) not an architect, or
    B) has not designed a multi-storey building before.

    I can’t remember his name.

    But good on him for coming up with the idea. Personally, i was very concerned over what would happen to all the sewerage points etc in the centre, as the building turned and twisted… but apparently he’s got it all sorted out.

    The blind unbinded enthusiasm of the inexperienced… or just being mercifully free from the ravages of intelligence, you decide….

  6. This is he: Dr. David Fisher, the visionary architect and creator of the Dynamic Tower, the world’s first building in motion, began his career in Florence, Italy. He graduated with honors in Architecture from the University of Florence and later became a lecturer of Architecture and Structural Engineering at the same university. (from:

  7. D’oh – unfortunately (?) the Dubai crash has scotched plans for this masterwork of ‘architecture’:

  8. It was the plumbing really, wasn’t it? I knew that it would be difficult to do…

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