The Women’s Weekly is our Friend!

Ok so it’s only the Word Search puzzle – but it’s good to know that architecture gets even a small lookin in our popular press.  The puzzle is below and the words to find are: arch, casement, cornice, cross-beam, design, domed, facade, garret, girders, grouting, louvre window, newel, obelisk, partition, paving, posts, renovation, roof, sash, scaffold, skirting board, skyscraper, step, stonework, transom.

So thanks WW for increasing our architectural vocab.  Everyone needs a newel or two in their sentences.  But here’s the Architectural Centre challenge for the word find – how many can you find which are not on the WW list, especially those with architectural potential yet to be defined?


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  1. I quite like the idea of “Zodern” as an architectural style.

  2. Brilliant – but how the heck did this come into close-enough proximity to register on your radar!?

  3. Two lines up, in the lower rh corner, the word ‘wacky’ appears – make of that what you will…

  4. christine Avatar

    “how the heck did this come into close-enough proximity to register on your radar!?”

    Some people call it shopping; I’ve heard others describe it as anthropological research.

  5. Thinking about it – could “Zodern” architecture also be an oblique reference to a leaky (sodden) home?

  6. demystifier Avatar

    I confess to having to wikipedia newel – so for the uninitiated among us:
    “A newel is the upright post about which the steps of a circular staircase wind”.

    It scares me that I gained architectural knowledge because of WW though…

  7. demystifier Avatar

    oops – I forgot to add the interesting part of the definition:
    “In historic homes, the house plans were placed in the newel upon completion of the house before the newel was capped”
    I’m off home to check my newel…

  8. Is Adikrsash a word yet? No? How about Sping ? Sounds good to me !

  9. although most disturbingly, and i suspect the influence of the tobacco lobby on this one after last night’s Boston Legal: i spy the word Cegarret in there, right next to the word Naste.

  10. “could “Zodern” architecture also be an oblique reference to a leaky (sodden) home?”

    Nah – Zodern is my kind of architecture – usually spelt with an extra “rr”

  11. I know they’re obvious ones but I’ve spotted “lair” and “urn” – but do wonder if “reparc” is when you have to landscape design something again. I’d sure as hell be keen on someone “reparcing” Glover Park.

  12. embarrassed Avatar

    is anyone else having problems finding “transom”?

  13. “is anyone else having problems finding “transom”?”

    Yes I found that one the trickiest too.
    starts last column, 7th row from the bottom; ends last row, 7th column from the right

    I also found “snag” – but not too architectural I’m afraid

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