The Flickr Travelogues – architectural eye-candy from Toronto

There seems to be plenty of recent architectural activity in Toronto, which, being in a prime geopolitical position between the US and UK, is able to draw some big name architects from both sides of the Atlantic (not to mention also being the hometown of one Frank O Gehry…). Anyway, here is a selection of great images from Flickr…  click on the images to see them larger…


 Art Gallery Of Ontario by © Michael D'Amico 

Art Gallery of Ontario (extension); Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP

Images by: Art Matters, © Michael D’Amico, and wvs


The Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building; Architect: Foster + Partners

Images by: wvs, hyfen, hyfen


Royal Ontario Museum; Architect; Studio Daniel Libeskind

Images by: Scott Norsworthy, livinginacity, wvs


 Image by: Michael Clesle

Sharp Centre for Design, Ontario College of Art & Design; Architect: Alsop Architects


And finally, a set of images of local residential architecture, photographed by livinginacity:


Architects: superkül inc, Barton Myers, unknown, Shim Sutcliffe Architects


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