The Flickr Travelogues – architectural eye-candy from Hamburg

The Flickr photo-sharing website is an amazing resource for the virtual tourist – oh the places I have virtually been to…

It is, of course, only a visual form of travel, but we here in the antipodes have coped with books, magazines and slide shows when learning about architecture for quite some time – and no doubt will for some time longer. Flickr, however, democratizes selection of the places that we get to see – the ‘icons’ will always be heavily represented, but so will a range of other unnamed and unattributed works that are nonetheless worth witnessing – even in the superficial form (and Flickr excels in the superficial).

So, each week (or perhaps just every now and then) I’ll make a selection of images and post them here for your visual delight. You can click on the images to visit the original (larger images). I will be sure to credit the photographer under each image, (and where details are provided, the architect/s and building as well.

This week’s search terms: Hamburg/contemporary/architecture


image by pocketcanoe44of365 081008 by pocketcanoe

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"Hamburg / Airport" by balzerowitzHamburg / Airport by balzerowitz


-the new subway station at Hamburg Airport 


"Hamburg . Architecture" by stadtbild Hamburg . Architecture by stadtbild

ADA 1 – Office Complex An der Alster 1, Hamburg; Architect: jürgen mayer h

Check out j mayer h website – there is some wild work in there…eg:


deichtor by *Sabine* deichtor by *Sabine*

Architect: Hadi Teherani


hamburg_architecture by stadtbildhamburg_architecture by stadtbild


“it’s a conversation of an older building, new facade and new floorplanstructure, by kleffel papay warncke architekten”


Hamburg - Dockland by jaime.silva Hamburg – Dockland by jaime.silva

Architect: Bothe, Richter, Teherani, 2002-2005


Hamburg - Große Elbstraße by jaime.silva Hamburg – Große Elbstraße by jaime.silva

Elbberg-Campus Altona; Architect: Bothe, Richter, Teherani


 Hamburg – Altona by jaime.silva


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  1. there’s a lot to find in hamburg
    thanks for the feature 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment – and for the use of your great images!

  3. Thanks!
    (i) Among my recent Travel Architecture Sets on flickr are those nine from Dubai – 2012 to Abu Dhabi, though mainly Alpes-Maritimes, London and south of England:

    (ii)Full copy of my “More Travels with an Architectural Eye – 2012” book is now shelved and catalogued in the National Library for Wellingtonians.
    or simply catalogue search if time has passed.

    (ii) Some Random for quick fun:
    Hover and click
    Enjoy, P:-)

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