Welcome to the new Website

One of our hard-working members, Thanh Nguyen, has rebuilt our website. Our old site was up and running for over 3 years – we’re hoping that this website will be easier to administer and update. We’re doing some ‘running in’ of the website to start, so please bear with us while we experiment.


6 responses to “Welcome to the new Website”

  1. Thanks, I like it. More active than the previous website. Nice new look.

  2. Have just been looking at a new architecture book called ‘Hatch’ which includes an archi-blog out of New York; Aggregate 4/5/6 bueno!

  3. batgirl – have you got a link for that?

  4. The DayOut website provides location based information on New Zealand attractions. In particular it shows how to find structures of architectural note.

    We welcome contributions.

    See if your favourite buildings are included, if not let us know.

  5. thumbs up from me…

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