URBAN VIGILANTE – 20under40 competition (2005)

Presented with 20u40-brief-2005 and the anihilation of public space, this year’s Wellington Architectural Centre’s 20U40 contestants made architecture from a green fluid jelly composite, hairstyling, equine transport, cartoon graphics, projected images, passport implants, garbage, and music videos. With an appropriate theme for election year, the brief set the scene with the recent political victory of the “Urban Vigilante” Party, whose reign over Wellington (specifically the block perimetered by Buckle St, Cambridge Tce, Courtenay Pl, and Taranaki St) was characterised by the outlawing of cars and the privatisation of roads: “Public space is now a fragile notion. Everyone is a trespasser.” Entrants responded with a wide range of architectural strategies.

The “Urban Vigilante” 20u40 was held Friday 2nd-Saturday 3rd September 2005.

The Winners were:

First Equal: G10: Squirtle (Rob Bark, Linda Bierl, Danika Grandkoski, Jamie Roberts, Rhys Williams)

First Equal: G7: The Hairists (Alain Bruner, Byron Kinnaird, Nick Sargent, Chris Winwood).

Third Prize: G2: Untitled (Briar Hickling and Gareth Rutherford).

Fourth equal: the CCANZ “Most Concrete Design” Award: G19: Elementnaut (Bryce Foster and Matthew Foster).
Fourth equal: the Bisque on Bolton “Teamwork Dinner for Four” Award: G6: Road Rage Re:Assigned (Hayden French and Matthew French)
Fourth equal: the Aesthetics Lighting “Bright Idea Award” (B-Shape 25 LED Tavolo): G9: Cryptospiridium (Emanuel H. Bell and Ashley Legg).

The Judges were: Gerald Blunt, Mary Daish, Tim Hill, and Marcia Lyons.

The Organising Committee was: Barnaby Bennett, Kate Linzey, Christine McCarthy, Emily Reich, James Shaw, Greta Stoutjesdijk, Caroline Tyrrell

Thanks to the Sponsors:z
Wellington Architectural Centre, Ameron Coatings, VUW School of Architecture, Studio, Aesthetics Lighting, CCANZ, Bisque on Bolton, Massey University, Weltec.


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