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Video of the Week VII: The Architects Sketch

By Video of the Week

The Architect Sketch (by John Cleese and Graham Chapman)

If some of you found that last week’s video resonated all to familiarly, then try this one on for size. It is a pretty famous Monty Python sketch, so there is a good chance that you’ll have seen it before, but it is definitely worth another look…¬†

Cast: Mr Tid: Graham Chapman; Mr Wiggin: John Cleese; City Gent One: Michael Palin; Client 2: Terry Jones; Mr Wymer: Eric Idle


You’ll have to admit that the residential block proposed by the first architect does address the problem of housing shortage in a rather…, um…, creative manner…


Video of the Week VI: smack the pony – architects

By Video of the Week

Smack the Pony, according to Wikipedia,¬†was a¬†British¬†sketch comedy¬†show that ran from 1999 until 2003 on¬†Channel 4 (some of you out there might have seen them?). Weirdly, its title was intended to sound like a¬†euphemism¬†for female¬†masturbation – something I won’t tag this post with in case it gets too popular amongst a demographic that we are just not seeking here…

Anyways – here’s an amusing sketch that reveals what really goes on in those design concept meetings. The expressions of a bemused Jo (the engineer) are classic…


Video of the Week III: Pimp My Model

By Video of the Week

For those of us that remember our student days, or who still require the services of ‘X-Acto’ today, here’s a idea to help give that extra ‘bling’ to your design…

Here’s the link to the youtube page if the above video misbehaves…

It’s easy to see how the¬†Harvard¬†University Graduate¬†School¬†of Design gets such a prestigious reputation.

Note: I suspect that this is one tv show concept that won’t be picked up – not even by MTV


Video of the Week II: Sony building melody step (some secret commands)

By Video of the Week

Who’d a thought getting from one level of a building top the next could be so much fun: these are the melody stairs from the Sony Building in Tokyo.

Here’s a way to encourage more physical activity and less lift usage – just don’t put my office anywhere near the staircase. And apparently, you get kicked out of the building if you play too long, which begs the obvious question – how did this guy discover the secret code…?


Video of the Week I: Architecture stripped bare

By Video of the Week

(Warning ‚Äď this clip features artistic and architectural nudity‚Ķ)

You know you’re in trouble when the opening and closing lines of a short architecture-related video are thus:

¬†‚ÄúWhat happens if you ask architects to let rip…

…Really, architects are at their best when they‚Äôre fully dressed [muffled snigger], very serious, and just a little bit uptight.‚ÄĚ