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Heritage vs Seismic – Who wins?

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Welcome back to work, and welcome to 2013. It’s going to be a big year.
Why? Well, apart from the battle for the soul of the city – flyover proponents vs those who favour something else (read more here), there is also going to be a shake-up in the Building Code over the issue of Seismic strengthening.

Yes: MoBIE strikes again – submissions are called for on the issues of What should we strengthen, How high is the new strengthening level, When do we have to strengthen it to, and lastly but certainly not leastly – Who pays for the strengthening? Check out and download the document at this DBH/MoBIE site. Closes 8th March – you have 2 months for your comments. To help you on your way, let’s discuss them briefly here. The proposals are: Read More

Prefab to the Rescue

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Attending the latest PrefabNZ event last week, we were treated to the sight of a school project being completed in what must surely be record time, for the replacement of a school teaching block. This has strong ramifications for Wellington, where just this week a number of government buildings, such as Courthouses in the provinces, have been suddenly struck down as dire earthquake risks. While a week ago people were happily going about their business in Court (although, come to think of it, happily may not be the correct word to use there), and now they’ve had their chambers closed down, shuttered fast until someone fixes their glaring structural faults.

The PrefabNZ industry certainly has one possible answer up its sleeves, Read More