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Aren’t Street Closures Fantastic?

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

At this very moment Courtney Place is under “Road Closure” while things are being set up for the glories of the Cuba St Carnival culminating in one of the best Wellington events of our calendar – the Cuba St Carnival Parade.

But this is not only evidence of impending celebration but also a sample of what Wellington might be like without cars in its inner city. There’s been emerging interest in car-less cities around the world, or close variations: Dubai, Ohio, Portland, Canada, etc, etc.

Being completely biased, alternating as I do between being a pedestrian and a cyclist (with the occasional bus ride thrown in), I love these kinds of road closures. There’s a wonderful freedom of safe space, of knowing you can walk or cycle anywhere and not get run over. I guess it might be a rare instance of sanctioned pedestrian risque – not having to look before crossing the road. (more…)