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Public Address

Keith Ng – Being a dick about Earth Hour


This is hilarious – Keith Ng of the Public Address, in simple calculations, takes apart the whole Earth Hour project: 


How much can you save during Earth Hour? If you completely stop using electricity in your house, by my rough but generous estimate, you’d saved about 2,800Wh and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 420g.

If you change a 75W incandescent lightbulb to an energy efficient equivalent, you’d save 65,700Wh per year (assuming it’s on for 3 hours a day). That works out to 9,950g of greenhouse gases. That’s one lightbulb…

Blacking out the entire house for one hour every year = 420g reduction per year.
Replacing one lightbulb with an energy saving equivalent = 9,950g reduction per year.

To put it indelicately: Fuck Earth Hour.

While I’m not quite in agreement with his support for banning incandescent bulbs (as CFL’s are not an equivalent replacement given the different qualities of light), Keith puts a very good argument forward, which is, as always, also very entertaining to read. I recommend reading the whole article