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Peter Beaven

RIP Peter Beaven

By News

We’ve just heard the sad news that Peter Beaven passed away last night. Beaven came to speak to the Arch Centre last year, and we felt privileged at the time to be present. Not only were we amazed at the power of recollection of this 86 year old architectural power house, able to skillfully recall the reason behind virtually every line on a page, drawn 50 years before, but we were also able to witness of the full force of his intellect, with tales of battles that he had fought and won over many years.

Read article on Stuff here. Please feel free to post memories or stories of Peter Beaven here – and as a tribute, we publish here the review from last year’s AGM, of the talk that an incredibly spirited Beaven gave to us all.

“Peter Beaven’s appearance at the Architectural Centre’s AGM this year was a spirited and enjoyable talk, about the very serious subject of Christchurch’s fall from architectural grace. For a man in his 80s, Beaven is still remarkably spritely, and his razor sharp mind is as sharp as ever, bristling with indignation at the foolish comments and actions of the Civil Defence heirachy that has paralysed Christchurch. Read More