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If fully a sixth of the world saw the opening spectacular, then there is a good chance that one building is going to stick in people’s minds about this Olympics – the grand central stadium. Looking resplendent on opening night with a green and pleasant Hobbiton at its core, giant inflatable brick chimneys, five glowing rings dripping with enough gold to put Smaug fully at ease, and the curious sight of trampoline-size hospital beds and what seemed like every go-go dancer in Britain shaking their thing to what seemed like every song ever written in Britain – the stadium was the centre of attraction.

It has never been the most beautiful stadium in Olympic history – but, like many things in this modern London Olympia, it seemed to be striving even more for dischord. The edge of the stadium was planned to be, how should we say: very spikey. Designed by Populous, with the ‘help’ of the AA’s architect du jour, ex-Archigram Peter Cook (or should that be designed by Peter Cook, with help of Populous), it has morphed over time into something less spikey – but certainly no more pretty. Maybe London just doesn’t do pretty any more. Read More