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Christchurch On Screen

By Video of the Week

With impeccable timing, NZ On Screen have just published the Christchurch episode of The Elegant Shed – to go with the Wellington episode already onsite.

“In this episode of the influential NZ architecture series, dapper tour guide David Mitchell looks at the ‘Christchurch Style’. He begins with the humble baches on Taylor’s Mistake’s cliffs, before focusing on the Euro-influenced brutalism of Miles Warren and the “flamboyant” practice of Peter Beaven (earthquake victims SBS House, and Lyttelton Tunnel’s “fifth ship” are featured); and the cottage’s modern descendent: Don Donnithorne’s post-war home. Warren intriguingly compares his process designing Christchurch Town Hall with Jørn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House.”

Please feel free to share! It’s especially poignant to see many of these buildings featured and discussed post-quake. The title is a part of NZ On Screen’s Christchurch collection.

Thanks to Paul Ward !