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Edgecumbe earthquake

Launch Pad 2: Earthquake House

By Givealittle

The mundune-looking Earthquake House has been with us since Te Papa opened in 1998.  It simulates an aftershock of the 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake; the original quake being a magnitude 6.6.  No doubt most parents (uncles, aunts and grandparents, babysitters …) have been dragged to the Earthquake House by shorter people.  It’s now proposed that it be replaced with new exhibitions “integrated with new digital museum experiences.”  Sounds exciting, but this end of an era is perhaps a good time to reflect on the joy and terror that the Earthquake House has brought to millions of children over the last 17 years.

JOIN US on Friday 22 May 4.40pm for our online discussion on Te Papa’s Earthquake House as part of our virtual launch of our givealittle site to fundraise for our involvement in the Basin Bridge High Court Appeal opposing NZTA.

Featuring: Alannah (age 5), Ben (age 8), Lewis (age 5) , and Rose (age 5 and a half)

For those of you for whom it’s been a while since you were in the earthquake house, here’s a 2min video of the experience inside …

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