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  • Drinking tea wins Pritzker Prize

    The plan for the Ningbo Historic Museum, for example, came to him one night when he could not sleep, he said. He got out of bed and started drawing in pencil: the structure, space sizes, entrance locations and other aspects. “Then,” he said, “I drank tea.”

  • Ba bam booo!

    I guess the first thing I should say is that – I know very little about cars.

  • NZ Government architects under fire (again)…

    OK, Warren and Mahoney were only one of a number of practices from different disciplines involved in the New Zealand Shanghai Expo 2010 pavilion, and the rather blistering attack is not aimed at NZgovt’s favourite architectural practice alone, but there is certainly little holding-back in Byron’s critique over at the Productspec website).

  • Yamamoto architecture

    Victoria University School of Architecture & Design extends an invitation to hear award winning Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto speak on a selection of his work for one day only: Saturday 4 July, LT1, 1.30-2.30, $10 – cheap at twice the price!!