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Ever Near a Fairy-Land

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The Architecture Centre pays hommage to the passing of the King (of Pop) pity he wasn’t also a king of architecture. As the Architect’s Journal yesterday said: the ranch was a disneyfied mashup of Queen Anne Style and New England vernacular. Not that I’ve got anything against mash-ups, Charles Jencks & Terry Farrell made them de rigueur for a bit.

Bringing to mind other celeb extravaganzas, such as Graceland (Mark Campbell wrote a rather brilliant essay featuring toe nail clippings in ‘The Pander’ which seems to have disappeared, if anyone has a copy, could you pass it on?), as often discussed is the great work of Brad Pitt (at least he knows how to hire the right help), and not to forget our very own Peter Jackson’s neu-Gothic pile.

Can this be summed up by those concise words: ‘too much money not enough style’?