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Pecha Kucha was tonight

Monday, October 19th, 2009

If you wanted to see the latest Pecha Kucha night in Wellington, then : apologies, because you’ve just missed it. I presume that you know what I’m on about? If not, then go here and discover all about it. A global phenomenom by now, running periodically in 248 cities now, it was Wellington’s turn tonight (and a mix of San Jose, Maastrict, Norrkoping, Orange County, San Diego, Aalen, Columbia and Denver tomorrow night, and Beirut, Charleston, Ghent and Nelson the next night). That’s possibly the only thing that Beirut, Charleston, Ghent and Nelson have in common. Yes, they have PK in Nelson now – apparently even in Hamilton. There truly are no limits now.

But tonight was special – of course – because it was in Wellington. Pecha Kucha, known for its egaliterian treatment of all and sundry, with 20 seconds for each of 20 slides, treats every one and every image the same. The line-up tonight was (more…)