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City Gallery

Ann McEwan: Social Housing Projects of Toomath’s Wellington


Thursday 25 February 2010, 12.30pm
Adam Auditorium, City Gallery

An illustrated lecture on the WCC social housing blocks in Wellington currently undergoing a major upgrade. These 13 blocks were part of a larger urban renewal project beginning in the 1960s, in which the
Architectural Centre and many of Bill Toomath’s contemporaries were significantly involved. Art historian Ann McEwan has been engaged in the heritage assessment of these buildings, and will provide a 40minute pictorial talk on their historical background, the details of the current project, and the way present-day social housing agenda still resonates with Toomath and his contemporaries’ social and moral agenda for architecture.

This event is NZIA accredited, 10 points

S William Toomath

By Exhibition

Opening 28 January at the City Gallery will be an exhibition on the long and distinguished career of Wellington architect S William Toomath. The exhibition, Liberating Everyday Life, will provide an overview of Bill Toomath’s work over the many years he has been around.

An early member of the Architectural Centre, still an active member, and still firing on all cylinders now, Bill will be speaking on Thursday night (28 January, 5.15 pm on) at the City Gallery in a discussion labelled “Morals of the Modern: Changing Values of Modern Architecture since Bill Toomath was a Boy”. Read More