Architectural Centre Inc. presents:

The Competition this year will be on the weekend March 4-6 2011.

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The competition will be launched on Friday 4th March at the VUW School of Architecture, and simultaneously released online for nationwide and international entrants.

Registrations can be made in person at the school of architecture from 5pm tomorrow (friday), or by depositing $10 at: 06 0501 0160299 00
Reference: your team name
Code : 20U40

Follow up by emailing with ‘register 20under40 [your team name]’ in the subject.
we will reply with online links to the briefing documents (these will be made active at 6pm on friday)

Submissions are due 24 Hours later, in person at the submissions party (venue ProductSpec 14 Holland St) or sent digitally to

The competition is open to teams of ANY size and shape and AGE and background, with collegial inter- and intra- office/school rivalry encouraged, as well as cross-disciplinary collaborations.  $10 per team entry fee.

Judging will take place on Sunday morning, 6th March, with prize-giving the same afternoon.

A Supreme Architecture Centre Prize will be $1000, A Supreme Beca Prize will be $1000, with other special prizes announced on the day.

60CPD Points for those architoids (see definition) who need them

Previous Years:

2006: Irrevocable Irrelevance

International and Non-Wellington residents (or those who can’t make the Briefing at SOAD on Friday evening) should Register their Team to, with your team name, and if you are a student team. This can be/should be done within the 24 hour window preceding the competition launch time. You will be sent your Team Number (to be used on all documentation, so as to keep all submissions anonymous) as well as the all-important BRIEF, and any supplementary documentation. You will also be provided with the Account Number of the Architecture Centre, which you are to deposit your NZ$10 Entry Fee ($10 per Team) in immediately via internet or manual deposit on the Friday or following Banking day.  You should use your Team Number and Name to identify this payment clearly. Please note:
-all work labelled anonymously only with TEAM NUMBER (which you will be provided with via email following your registration).
-If you register for the competition (taken as a genuine request for the Brief) you will be held responsible for the Entry Fee, and subsequently at the wrath of the Architecture Centre Treasurer if your fee is not received in due time.
-Submission format will be digital, obviously, and should only be submitted at screen resolution (for exhibition and judging), the submission format (size/format/number of page) is open, but expected to be ‘reasonable’.
-You are encouraged to keep (archived on your own computer) your work at High Resolution for the possibility of publishing and of course your own portfolio.  You are also allowed to upload video via YouTube or similar sharing website if that is your chosen media.