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2019: • AGM – June 5 – Grant Robertson presented on the meaning of a “Well Being Budget”
• Site visit to Athfield House.
Site visit Te Maru o Tawatawa apartments ~ Britomart Street Social Housing. August 10.
Site visit Wellington Children’s Hospital ~ November 20.
2018: • AGM – July 25 – Panel discussion : “… prisons … ” Thank you to Christine McCarthy, Duncan Joiner and Malcolm Gardiner sharing their knowledge on this topic.
2017: • AGM – 23 August (“… if I was a politican …”)
• Arch Centre Housing Manifesto launch
• Gordon Wilson Flats decision party (16 August)
• Gordon Wilson Flats appeal hearing (12-14 June)
• site visit to Sally Ogle’s house
• Involvement in Ngauranga to Airport Transport (Let’s Get Welly Moving) consultation (post-Basin) (on-going)
2016: • 70th anniversary (July)
• Participation in Gordon Wilson Flats appeal
• Participation in the Whakatane District Plan appeal – Airport Building
Hutt City Council Buildings site visit (14 May)
• Involvement in Ngauranga to Airport Transport consultation (post-Basin) (on-going)
• 133 Molesworth St | William Clayton Building (5 February)
2015: Climate Change Rally (28 November).
• Participation in Basin Bridge High Court Appeal (hearing 20-31 July).  Decision: NZTA v Architectural Centre Inc & Ors
• AGM – June 2015
Fundraising for Basin Bridge High Court Appeal
• Sustainability and Energy-Use Seminars (February)
• Involvement in Memorial Park Community Forum
2014: Charity Auction Wednesday 3 December
Parsonsons Architects Ltd (Seatoun Heights house, Loretta’s, Seaview House) site visits (Saturday 29 November)
• Participation in Basin Bridge High Court Appeal (September-December)
House Party (August)
• AGM – June 2014
• Involvement in Memorial Park Community Forum
• Site visit – Clyde Quay Wharf (formerly Overseas Passenger Terminal) Friday 23 May
• Participation in Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry (January-June).  Decision: Basin Bridge Final Report and Decision
2013: • Participation in Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry (September-December)
• Site visit – VUW Hub Thursday 17 October
• AGM – May 2013
• Involvement in Memorial Park Community Forum
• Submission to WCC on: Arch-Centre_Response to WCC report
• Submission to WCC on: Harcourts Building – Proposed Demolition
2012: • AGM – May 2012
• Submission to WCC on: AC-cycling-CBD
• Submission to WCC on: AC-smokefree-CBD
• Site Visit to the College of Creative Arts, Massey Campus, Mount Cook. 
Architect: Athfield Architects, Engineers Dunning Thornton.
2011: • Public presentations on Option X
• AGM 2011
• 20under40 Competition 2011
2010: • Publicity in Capital Times for proposals for the Waterfront and Basin Reserve
• Publicity in Capital Times for Arch Centre submission on Wellington 2040
• Book Launch – Tsunami Box
• Site Visit – Toomath House and Bailey House
• AGM – 20 April 2009
• Submission to WCC on: Manners Mall, DPC Suburban Heritage Areas,
• Submission to Parliament on: Competitive Cities
2009: • Site Visit to the Black House, Karori. 
Architect: Charles Fearnley
• Site Visit to the Einhorn House, Karori. 
Architect: Helmut Einhorn
• Site Visit to the … House, Karori. 
Architect: S William Toomath
• Site Visit to the new BNZ, Jervois Quay. 
Architect: Jasmax
• Website gets a major upgrade. Designer: Thanh Nguyen
• AGM – 23 April 2009
• 20under40 – a Play on Time – 6-7 March
• Submission to Government on: the RMA Streamlining Bill
2008: • Long Live the Modern – launch of book by Julia Gatley et al, and party
• Foster on Foster – co-event with Book Launch
• Wanganui Trip – 5th-6th April
• AGM – 19th April at Weltec + Opus site Visit
• Midwinter musicale – 21st June – piano and mulled wine at Bill Toomath’s
2007 • Road Work Competition: Competition Programme, Competition Poster, Competition Results
• Brutalism and Bubbles – (10th March) a sketching excursion by train to
fine Brutalist buildings in Upper Hutt and Hutt City
• Dominion Post – Ten Best Buildings in Wellington
• Dominion Post – Ten Worst Buildings (11 April)
 in Wellington
• AGM – Thursday 19 April at Futuna Chapel
2006 • 20under40: 15th-16th September
MANIFESTO for Architecture
• 60th anniversary party – Friday 21st July
• “why I do architecture”, panel discussions Museum of Wellington City & Sea (June and July)
• Manifesto exhibition, Museum of Wellington City & Sea (June and July)
• AGM – Thurs 27 April
• Site Visit to Waitangi Park: 15th March
• Submissions to ACC: Group Houses
• Submissions to WCC: District Plan Changes:
DPC39 Residential (Newtown controls),
DPC 41 (CentrePort land),
DPC 46 (Subdivision Design Guide),
DPC 52 (Johnsonville Town Centre)
Other submissions:
draft Long Term Community Plan,
203 The Terrace,
Hilton Hotel (Queens Wharf),
Bus Shelters (replacement),
North Wellington Public Transport Study,
Lincolnshire Farm Development,
Wellington Regional Strategy,
• Wellington Architecture Week: 2nd-8th October
2005 • Submissions to ACC: Group Houses
• Submission to Wellington Waterfront: Waitangi Park Buildings Competition
• Political Forum- Marian Hobbs, Muriel Newman & Sue Bradford
• Beyond the Geyser Room: NZ Architecture in the 1970s
• Work-in-progress: Angela Foster and Mark Southcombe
• AGM: June
• Submissions to WCC: Draft Built Heritage Plan, V8 Supercar Street Race,
Waitangi Precinct Design Competition Brief, Taranaki Wharf/Lambton Harbour Lagoon area,
Project West Wind, 10 Alpha St, Waitangi Park Buildings Competition, ICI House,
Penthouse Cinema Townhouses Brooklyn, CentrePort Land, CentrePort Land followup,
69 Northland Rd, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.
• 20under40: 2nd-4th September
• Wellington Architecture Week: 3rd–9th October
• Graeme McIndoe Lecture & Website Launch
• 20under40: April
• Site visit to ‘small site’: May
• AGM: June
• Wellington Architecture Week: 4th – 10th October
• Submissions to WCC: School of Music, Plan for Kumutoto, Glover Park Management Plan.
• Lectures: From Ashes to Antartica: Archived Architecture on Films, Inner City Churches Walking Tour, The Great Architectural Debate.
• Lectures
• Site visit to Eastbourne houses
• Site visit to Karori/Wadestown Architect’s Houses
• World Architecture Week: Prague Quadrennial – Performance Landscape for the Senses, Gordon Matta-Clark Films & The Great Debate
• Submission to BIA: revisions to the Building Act
• Submissions to WCC: Waitangi Park, Herd St Building & Listing of Futuna Chapel
• 20under40 – ‘Landscape Unchained’
• Lectures
• Site visits: recent Kapiti houses
• Discussion Forums
• Theme Wellington and Artbeat
• World Architecture Week 2002: Mark Burry, Swedish Film Lighthouse
• Submission to WRC on pedestrian strategy
• Submissions to WCC: Greening Wellington & Chaffer’s Park
• Formation of Futuna Trust
• Site visit to recent architectural completions in Wairarapa
• Submissions to WCC: Lambton Harbour Variation 22, Te Aro Valley Management Plan,
Northern Gateway Development
• Discussion forums: TranistNZ Bypass roadway, Te Aro Valley Management plan
• Submissions and presentations to Waterfront Development Committee.
• Bus Tour of Ernst Plischke architecture in Wellington.
• Lectures by Mark Burry.
• Site visit to Massey University redevelopment of Dominion Building.
• Submissions to Taranaki Wharf Resource Consent Hearing
• Submissions to 234 Wakefield Street Resource Consent Hearing.
• 20under40: Un-charted
• Reclaiming, Northern Gateway Exhibition
• 20under40: Hauntings
1997 unrecorded
• Submission to Chaffers Beach Resource Consent Hearing
• Submission to Casino Resource Consent Hearing
• 20under40:
• Cuttings from the Centre, 50 year Celebration, City Art Gallery.
• 20under40: Change Wellington in a day (Railways land)
• 20under40: Pro Bono Public (Public Toilets at Jervois Quay)
• 20under40: Chaffers Beach
• 20 under 40: Courtenay Place Transport Terminal
• Campaign to save Erskine College
• In the Metropolis Symposium (with City Gallery)
• Home made Home (exhibition in collaboration with City Gallery).
• 20 under 40: Square Affair.
• Campaign to save Odlins Building (saved)
• 20 under 40: Urban/Urban House.
1989 • Campaign to save State Insurance Building (saved).
• I love Wellington Competition (with Evening Post).
• Campaign to save State Insurance Building (saved).
• I love Wellington Competition (with Evening Post).
• Unbuilt Wellington (exhibition in collaboration with City Gallery).
• 30 under 30-ish: exhibition of members’ work.
• Architectural Centre opposes Chase proposals for Wakefield Street.
• Sheds 5, 17 and 19 demolished.
• Sand Castle Competition.
• Campaign to save Mission to Seamans Building (saved).
• Campaign to save old BNZ buildings (saved).
• City Spotter Competition (with Evening Post).
• Campaign to save Wellington Club (demolished).
• Harbour Forum.
• “Design for Wellington” public lecture series.
1982 unrecorded
• Campaign to save Midland Hotel (demolished).
• Lambton Quay Exhibition.
1977 • Assisted Friends of the Hunter to save Hunter Building.
• Campaign to save Public Trust building (saved).
• Campaign to retain waterfront buildings.
• Campaign to save the Thistle Inn (saved).
• Campaign to save Turnbull House, with the Friends of the Turnbull (saved).
1973 • Edge of the City Exhibition.
1972 • Television interviews with Centre members regarding town housing.
1971 • Harbour Front Exhibition.
• Government Centre research.
1970 • Wellington Hills Subdivision Exhibition.
• Objections to Harbour Board reclamation plans.
1969 Offcentre founded.
1968 • Press battle with the Harbour Board over proposed harbour reclamation
• City Council adopt the resolution that Town Planning Branch should be a separate department.
• Jervois Quay Project Exhibition.
• Centre Gallery closes.
1966 • Decision taken to preserve Old St Paul’s.
1964 • Oriental Bay Project Exhibition.
• Centre involved with the setting up of “Friends of Bolton St Cemetery”.
1962 • Centre praises city’s Civic Square proposal.
• ‘Council Despair’ press argument between Councillor Morrison and
Architectural Centre regarding Centre’s campaign for high density housing.
1961  • Wgtn 196X exhibition.
1959 • George Porter, President of the Architectural Centre elected as a City Councillor
as part of the Centre’s campaign for town planning. Mr Hanson, Commissioner of Works,
suggests that the activities of centre members employed by Ministry of Works was
“incompatible with their employment as government servants”.
• Press battle between Porter and Hanson.
1958 • ‘The Project’ begins. A long term project aiming to convince the City Council of the
for a separate Town Planning Department.
1957 • ‘The Book’. The idea of publishing a book on NZ Architecture developed (1957-60).
• Homes Without Sprawl Exhibition.
1956 • City Approaches Exhibition.
• Film “A Preference for Carrying Bricks” begun.
• Wellington School of Architecture and Town Planning taken over by Wellington Technical College.
1955 • Architectural Centre’s first submission to a town planning hearing.
1954 • Vertical Living/ Living in Cities Exhibition
• Design Review folds. The last issue is a special issue “A Plea to save St Paul ‘s”.
1953 • Architectural Centre Galley begins.
• Concern about St Paul ‘s first voiced.
1949 • ‘The New Zealand House in its First Hundred Years’ exhibition at the
Dominion Museum.
• Town Planning School (first in NZ) run in conjunction with Architectural Centre
School of Architecture.
1948 / 49 • Summer School: Demonstration House Project.
1947 / 48 • Summer School: Te Aro Replanned Project.
1947 • Architectural Centre School of Architecture established.l
1946 July 23 • Architectural Centre formed.
• Transcript of the Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of the Architectural Centre.

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