The Elephant in the Room

Phil Jones‘ talk on last Wednesday (9 Sept 09) presented the idea of shared spaces (also known as naked streets) in the context of the council’s proposal to convert lower Cuba St into a shared space.

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Posted on 12th September 2009
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Barbie Architecture: yep it’s pink

A casual comment about architect costumes at the last Arch Centre committee meeting made me wonder what the most fashionable fashion victim of all time: Barbie – might be able to offer to the subject of architects and architecture. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 18th June 2009
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The Flickr Travelogues – architectural eye-candy from the Jubilee Line Extension (London) Pt1

One of my favourite architectural memories from my time living in London was stumbling across the architecture of the Jubilee Line Extension (JLE) of the London Underground system – there is nothing quite like having an architectural experience without any form of warning whatsoever. Visiting the well-photographed Barcelona Pavilion, for example, had no such sharp edge of unprepared wonder.

So, I offer you some great photography from stations along the JLE, from Westminster to Canada Water in this installment, with more to come later. I hope this doesn’t spoil anyone’s future ‘moments’, but suspect that everyone has seen images, if not having actually visited the stations, by now…


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Posted on 19th February 2009
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James Shaw and Squint Opera

Our apologies: this event has been cancelled. We hope to be able to reschedule it for another time in the future.  This Thursday 29th January: a coming event that I’m sure you’ll be keen to come along to.  James Shaw, formerly of Wellington and now working with Squint Opera in London, is in town long enough for us to convince him to give a talk. The work he has been doing with Squint is fantastic, especially on the evocation of a drowned London – well worth a look. Venue to be confirmed.

London under water

London under water

Posted on 29th January 2009
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