Extensive damage to Christchurch CBD, with the 6.3 quake at 1pm today, and the numerous heavy aftershocks. Some deaths have been reported – no details as yet update: 78 reported deaths so far, with hundreds still missing, but many many buildings down. The Cathedral has partially collapsed – the steeple has gone, and a nearby church in Durham St is destroyed.
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Posted on 22nd February 2011
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Before and After

An exhibition: Before / After, recently opened in Christchurch at the Art Gallery, regarding the September earthquake and subsequent aftershocks down in Canterbury. A link to their website is here. It notes:

Let’s build a better Canterbury
BEFORE AFTER is an exhibition and discussion series that explores our built environment and seeks to connect with the public. The aim is to work with the public in identifying opportunities to create a better and more liveable region after the Canterbury Earthquake.”

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Posted on 21st February 2011
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ideas for christchurch

A week after the earthquake in Canterbury the aftershocks are still continuing but the clean up is underway and demolition has already started with calls for less haste in the wielding of the wrecking ball and now the debate begins on how to rebuild the city.

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Posted on 12th September 2010
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