Memorial Parkway

As slow as government departments move, when they really want to move fast, they can. Free from all the hassle and moans and gripes of legitimate public concern, such as the Resource Consent process, the Building Consent process, an Archaeological dig etc, in order to get the Memorial Park complete by April 2015, a new NZTA road has leapt into place, skirting round the back of the (once) sacred turf of the Memorial green space. You’ll be driving on it by Christmas…

If you are interested in knowing more about the works around the Basin Reserve and the Memorial Park, then click on the words BASIN RESERVE either here, or up top in the menu. You’ll find a whole lot of back catalogue information on what we call Option X.
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Posted on 10th December 2012
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Dealing with Wgtn traffic on a wing and a prayer

I’ve been re-thinking.

What if, concerning the whole Basin/Option X thing, we went right back to the fundamentals of the situation and began from there? Forget flyovers and tunnels, Options A, B, X, X+, and KY(!); forget Sussex Street, Memorial Park, and even the Basin itself. What are the fundamental issues? Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 22nd November 2011
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Basin voting


Well, the Council have voted on the city’s official position with respect to central government’s proposed traffic improvements near the Basin Reserve.

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Posted on 7th October 2011
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Local insight toward a refined proposal

So says Rod James, of the 1900 or so submissions received by NZTA on their recently closed public consultation on the preferred options for roading improvements near the Basin Reserve Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 31st August 2011
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Vote X

The Friday 26 August deadline for submissions to NZTA regarding the Wellington inner-city transport projects is getting closer. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 24th August 2011
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Option X: FAQs

Thanks again for all your questions.  We’ll up date this page to address questions as they come in, and supply new drawings etc. to explain things as needed.  Here’s an initial batch of questions and answers to start with.



The dedicated public transport lanes (buses or light rail) are in the middle lanes.  How will they be accessed?

Overseas examples show easy ways to enable pedestrian access to centrally located public transport.  An example is shown in this drawing.  This has the advantage that cars turning into side streets and driveways do not have to block the bus lane, and the public transport route can achieve uninterrupted speeds.

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Posted on 22nd July 2011
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Option X: plus

Thanks for all the comments so far.  Here are a couple more images which might answer some questions and may create some more.  The first image is looking from the North-east side towards the Carillon, which shows conceptually how the levels work.  This corner will need more design (obviously) especially regarding the structures underneath, but the drawing shows how the levels work.


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Posted on 22nd July 2011
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