Wellington Whare Waka

A new building awaits us on Wellington waterfront. Opening early on Waitangi Day this coming weekend, the new Whare Waka is being officially named and declared open.

We’re going to devote some room to an an-depth discussion of the building in our next Arch Centre newsletter, due out soon, where we will have a full architectural review, but in the mean time it is kind of hard to ignore – and so this post just touches on the context of its surrounding landscape. Which is, at present, all we can really see.

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Posted on 3rd February 2011
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Wild Weather

A mid-1960s Archigram film announced: “When it’s raining in Oxford Street the architecture is no more important that the rain.” Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 25th August 2010
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Best of the Decade – You choose!

It’s the start of a new decade (well, a month in already) and I got to thinking – what are the architectural achievements we’ve seen over the last ten years? Were they good for you? Or did they pass by in a miasma of non-events? Te Papa – always a contentious subject – is outside the 10 year cut-off (but even then, would it be nominated as one of the best architectural achievements in NZ?). We’ve had a decade of boom time, in which surely some architectural gems have been created. The NZIA has given literally hundreds of awards all over the country in the last decade – are any of them valid? Has there really been any architectural quality achieved? We’d like you to nominate your favourites inside NZ, from the last ten years. The more the better – and a few descriptive words why you like it would be good too. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 3rd February 2010
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On Fish, bridges, Boris, Jonathan, and pack-donkeys

Maximus may have been all fish-out-of-water proposing an inhabited viaduct over Wellington’s the Basin Reserve over at Eye of the Fish, but it seems that somebody is reading that blog over in our good old Mother Country… Boris Johnson, Lord Mayor of London no less… Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 6th May 2009
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Video of the Week V: Los Angeles Plays Itself

Ok – enough of the sordid student activities (for now at least). How ’bout something a little more cerebral, in the form of a discussion of the role of Modernist houses in Hollywood movies. The somewhat droll announcer explores the association of villainy with Modernism – something to keep in mind when you pen the design for your next retro-modernist contemporary dwelling… what is it that you are really saying about your clients…


Posted on 17th February 2009
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Defining who we are, and what we do…

The Urban Dictionary seems to be the only way to keep up with the rapidly evolving vernacularisms of our urban teen culture – so, just how do today’s yoofs see the practice of architecture:

Architect: An overworked and underpaid employee – of a pretentious registered practitioner of the arts (a prat). Many years in tertiary education have left the ‘architect’ bitter and in debt – and unable to relate to the remainder of society.

I am an ‘architect’ – the rest of you are unimaginative scum.

 …not to be confused with…

 Architard: A person who believes they are highly skilled in residential or commercial design, when more likely, they one I.Q. point away from selling paint at Home Depot.

When you see a house or building that is ugly beyond comprehension, you might say “Uck! Who was the architard on that one, Frank Lloyd Wrong?!” Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 13th February 2009
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Dancing With Architecture

For those stumbling over how to promote that new iconic design maybe these links will provide some inspiration… 


Battersea Power Station

Empire State Building

Petronas Towers


I’m sure that they are on to something…enjoy

Posted on 10th February 2009
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