ICI House: 61 Molesworth Street

17th November 2016

Stephenson and Turner‘s elegant Imperial Chemical Industries (I.C.I.) House now stands in doubt, More »

Planners’ Screw-ups

17th November 2016

Ever wondered why the terminal is on the wrong side of the runway? More »

RIP: Avis Higgs (1918-2016)

21st October 2016

One of our former members died last Friday just after her 98th birthday.  More »

My favourite modernist building … Rietveld-Schroder House

20th October 2016


This small 190m2 two level house (Utercht, 1924) located at the end of a row housing scheme in Utrecht is widely regarded as a masterpiece of early modernist architecture. More »

My favourite modernist building … Old Wool House

16th October 2016


In the late 1950s I had cause to visit Bernard Johns & Whitwell’s office one night, More »

My favourite modernist building … Alington House

29th September 2016


I last went to the Alington house (Karori, 1962) 20 years ago as part of the Architectural Centre’s 50th Anniversary. More »

Demolition by ignorance?

27th September 2016


On Saturday morning (10 September 2016) on The Nation, the Social Housing Minister, Paula Bennett, claimed that she was doing everything “humanly possible” More »